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Daria Azizian

by Remmy Messiah

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This is the first single from my upcoming EP and it is dedicated to the beautiful Daria Azizian. This woman has helped me through my struggles, relationship problems, and other life obstacles. I told her that I would write her a song one day and here it is. I hope some people can relate & vibe to this song. Enjoy!


(Daria's Intro)

(verse 1)

let me start by saying that this girl is just amazing,
when I tell her that she's beautiful,
she thinks I'm playing,
but I'm serious,
got me all delirious,
I wanna get to know her,
I guess I'm just curious,
she got the best smile,
makes the whole room shine,
I'm tryna build enough courage so that she will be mine,
I wanna take things slow so that she will know,
them other guys is amateurs,
come chill with a pro,
yeah it's time to go,
where you wanna be?
we can go around the world and sail the seven seas,
or we can chill and watch Netflix,
you can lay with me,
I don't want love unless it's you that's loving me


I'm only happy when I'm with you,
you make the time fly by,
gold rings,
gold chains,
all the finer things,
she make every girl I know look a damn shame,
and you know her name,
she be stuntin'
all these guys that flirt ain't worth nothing,
so tell me what you want me to do,
I promise that this song is only for you

(verse 2)

and I see you girl,
on YouTube,
doing yo thing,
gettin' them rings,
making me sing,
and I don't even do this usually,
but I guess that's ok,
I wanna see you by the end of the day,
these other women hate on you,
that's pathetic,
you fight for what you believe is right,
good ethics,
you help me when I'm losing my sight,
you give the best tips,
pretty face,
nice body,
slim waist,
with the best hips,
yeah, and I ain't even tryna simp,
persona of a pimp,
is what they inflict,
but don't even trip,
I got something good for us,
love, deep talks,
and nothing but the best trust,
I wanna give you that,
you deserve it,
you earned it,
through all the hard work,
you're perfect,
damn, no girl compares to you,
you don't need love unless it's me loving you

(hook x2)


released November 27, 2014
Produced by Remmy Messiah & Blunted.
Additional vocals from Daria Azizian.
Mixed & Mastered by Spaced Tom.
Artwork by Remmy Messiah.

(c) Spaced Life Arts & Media



all rights reserved


Remmy Messiah North Las Vegas, Nevada

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